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An interactive mobile video tells the full story of cyberbullying.


  • Movistar


  • Argentina


In Argentina, six out of ten kids have been cyberbullied. Unlike traditional bullying, however, cyberbullying can follow its victims everywhere because it’s online. But 75% of children who suffer from cyberbullying never talk about it, limiting the ability of adults and peers to detect the signs. Movistar, one of the largest mobile phone companies in Latin America, recognized the natural relationship that telcom brands have with the problem, as cell phones are the most used media for this type of harassment. Their objective was to create a campaign to raise awareness of the issue by aligning it with their brand platform ‘Choose to take care’.


The key message is that if users decide to ignore the other side of the story, they will never fully understand cyberbullying. A clear metaphor for what’s happening is that many times we choose not to see it from the correct perspective. We need to represent the seriousness of this issue and provide children and adults with tools to identify the problem so they can help before it’s too late.


The campaign was launched the week prior to the International Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, featuring an interactive film developed for mobile with two parallel and interconnected stories. Users could change the story perspective by turning their cell phone 180°. Before starting the experience, the user was detected as either a peer or caregiver so that the ending would bring up a relevant message and call to action. We also included an extended version for desktop and local theatres, synchronizing the film to generate the duel experience.


Several schools in Argentina are using Perspectives to fight against cyberbullying, and Movistar says Perspectives will be a global initiative.

The campaign has generated over 100 cyberbullying reports, which will be addressed through training, and thousands of comments thanking us for the initiative and congratulating the brand for launching this important content.

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