Planet earth

Plant for the Planet

Encouraging people to care for and nurture the environment


  • Tata Steel


  • India
  • Kolkata


Sustainability is an acute need across all spheres of life. Businesses across industries have recognised collective responsibility to follow sustainable practices, however, for large operations that depend on retail channels, it requires consistent effort and messaging to align the team.


Lockdown has turned homes into a world and families are doing everything to keep it clean. That's when the team conceived the world as an universal home for humankind and how it is dying a slow death because we don't think our planet as our own home.


Plant for the Planet as an idea was born, where the planet was shown as an universal home and how the brand, that builds 500,000 homes every year promotes an universal ownership of the home planet.


We expect this content to raise awareness among channel partners on their individual and collective responsibility towards the planet.