To get people in Singapore to donate their poop - and potentially save lives. Faecal microbiota transplantation is the process of collecting poop and using it to treat a whole range of diseases. This can include eczema, dementia, even HIV and cancer. But how do we talk about poop in super wholesome, ultra clean, and highly-regulated Singapore?


It’s a universal truth: humans cannot resist a poop joke. And we soon realised that across cultures, languages, and age groups, the one thing we share is that we all have a go-to poop euphemism. We all talk about poop on a daily basis, without talking about it!


Introducing Poophemisms. We disguised “poop” with a whole load of euphemisms, breathed life into them with tongue-in-cheek stock imagery, and dumped them all over Singapore. At housing flats, train and bus stations, social media targeted ads, and of course, the one place that truly belonged to us - toilets everywhere. Our poophemisms went everywhere our target audience went so that we got people talking, laughing, sharing, and ultimately, donating their poop.


Since our launch in late April, we have seen a six-fold increase in donor registrations, compared to pre-campaign levels. We achieved 27% of our campaign objective in just the first 13 days of our eight-week campaign. Our digital out-of-home ads alone garnered a 5,128% increase in website visits, five times our campaign target. And in an island with a population of just 5.9 million, our campaign got a reach of 9.7 million based on trade and consumer press, and social media. Based on this current run rate, we are expected to exceed our campaign targets.

AMILI A3 poster choc
AMILI A3 poster kids

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