In Chile, women face lower pension coverage compared to men and a salary gap of 31%. If they earn less and also have pension gaps for motherhood, an even bigger problem awaits –low retirement finances.

We sought a new channel to communicate with them, different from the communication they receive from an AFP and closer to their professional and work needs in order to break down existing barriers in the category and give them real solutions that improve their retirement situation.


We searched for inspiring stories throughout Chile. “That an AFP is giving women this opportunity to study with a free scholarship, I find it excellent," said Paola Sáez, a scholarship student.

Real testimonies from women were the backbone of our campaign, sharing stories of hard work and self-improvement. These women became our story protagonists and invited others to join and participate in the program. To help them and channel their needs, we created a fan page on Facebook to generate conversation based on their interests.


We invited all women to join in! We held an open call to women over 18 who wanted to continue their growth in the workplace and sought a new opportunity to continue their studies, improve their jobs, and save more for their future.


We’re proud to say that the program received more than 15,000 applications. In addition, we added more than seven million views on social networks and more than 87,000 women joined the new community on Facebook.

These positive reactions transformed the results of our publications on social networks from 99% negative to 99% positive and generated engaging and interesting conversations among the participating women.

The program’s success attracted new partners, and a new alliance with kicked off to support women with work advice who actively participate in the community on Facebook.

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