The challenge was to amplify the Campari cinema platform Red Diaries, born in 2017, developing a story to celebrate the Negroni Centenary in an iconic way.


Every cocktail tells a story is our brand idea. In fact drinking or preparing a cocktail is linked to emotions. Moreover drinking Campari is an intriguing and pleasurable experience due to its unique bitter, multi-layered and complex taste. Entering Red is a journey into the brand, told by a metaphor of personal growth. A perfect Negroni is composed by three equal parts of Campari, gin and vermouth, perfectly mixed. We want to create a parallelism between a Negroni and a human being, composed by Mind, Heart and Soul.


Ana is a singer on a journey of personal discovery. Her curious soul drives her to undertake this journey. Her quick mind ensures she’s up to the task. Her heart and her passion, lastly, enable her to take the right path. These three elements, representing the three parts in a Negroni, also enable her to find her own equilibrium. Around her is Milan, a city that talks to Ana and shows her the way, always signaled by the color red. This mysterious city accompanies the protagonist on a journey full of suspense that will lead her to discover what’s hidden at the end of this intriguing and pleasurable journey into the unknown.


We reinforced the artistic bond between Campari and the Cinema.

We strengthened brand equity among Consumers, Bartenders, Influencers and Media.

We increased awareness, consideration and newsworthiness.

JWT Milan Campari Entering Red

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2019 ADC Italy

2019 ADC Italy

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