In Saudi, many people face indefinite jail time for debts as low as $200. On average, 2,000 male Saudis of all ages are incarcerated every year, with a combined debt of over 5 million dollars. It's such a problem that in 2019, the Saudi government launched Furijat – a charity program aimed at gathering donations to pay off the prisoner debts who are convicted of non-criminal financial cases and reunite them with their families.

But like all charity programs, many people are reluctant to donate real cash.


Saudi’s leading telecom company with the biggest customer base, stc, found an opportunity to help Furijat with its loyalty program Qitaf. Like most of the loyalty programs out there, a certain number of points expire by the end of every month and users never redeem them.


To keep these money worthy points from going to waste, we turned them into cash to be donated to convicted prisoners and help set them free. Introducing 'Redeem Freedom' – an initiative that took the Kingdom’s biggest loyalty program and transformed it into one of the most successful donation platforms for positive change. Users are able to browse prisoner cases on the mystc app and select who they'd like to donate their points to, and to keep the donations coming, we sent reminders each month to donate their points before they expire.


Shifting the mentality from “not worth redeeming” to “redeem to help lives", stc instilled a new habit in every Saudi and encouraged them to continuously donate their points for a greater cause, echoing positive change throughout an entire nation and helping reunite family members.

The campaign's success metrics included a 30% increase in donations, 20% more prisoners released and a 20% increase in settled debts.

Here's more evidence of its success:

• The Facebook and Instagram campaign reached over 3.2M people

• Average CPM was SAR 2.44

• Frequency rate was 2.46%

• The VA campaign on Twitter reached more than 1.4M people

• The AO campaign reached over 1.7M people

Stc Redeem Freedom Case Study

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