The procurement market works on robotic purchase mode, only looking at price per battery, then moving to the next bulk purchase on their to-do list. Our brief was to challenge the buying behaviour in the low interest battery category and generate reconsideration to move from their default brand to Procell’s longer lasting batteries.


Changing batteries at work is not like changing batteries at home. In addition to the new batteries themselves, companies have to consider the labour costs of frequent replacement – a surprising business cost that they’ve likely missed.


Reverse the mindset from cost of buying to cost of replacing. To expose the true labour cost of buying cheap batteries, we created a humorous integrated campaign that features the exploits of two official company ‘battery changers’. In a series of situations, we see these specialist janitors changing batteries in different workplaces, often bungling the job with comic consequences.

The message is simple: Whatever your business, if you choose Procell you’ll replace less, save more, and see a lot less of this costly duo.

Procell a CC82 Replace less Save more Subs

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