Animated solider with eye patch saluting in front of a field of blurred out poppies.

Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Island

How we took Remembrance Day from dusty to digital for millennials by creating a “game-ucational” experience that met them on their turf and terms


  • The Royal Canadian Legion


  • Canada


With more than 100 years having passed since the end of World War I, the significance of Remembrance Day and the importance of honouring military Veterans had become unclear to many trailing Millennial and Gen Z Canadians.

The Royal Canadian Legion needed to find new and meaningful ways to educate younger Canadians about Canada’s military history.


While young Canadians had little awareness of the real wars Canada (and the young Canadians before them) had fought in, many engaged in frequent virtual combat themselves, as players of the battle-based video game, Fortnite.

What if we found a way to educate them about Canada’s military history and foster respect for veterans through their go-to game?


We brought the Legion’s awareness and educational message directly to the Fortnite platform, being careful to disrupt, not interrupt.

Using available Fortnite creative platform tools, we produced a custom Fortnite “Remembrance Island,” featuring recreations of WWI trenches, D-Day beaches, a Canadian military cemetery, the well-known Vimy Ridge memorial cenotaph and more.

Unlike standard Fortnite gameplay, the only player objectives were to discover 30 museum-like info panels and follow the poppies to the memorial. No fighting, no damage, no weaponry.


“Remembrance Island” let Canada’s young gamers learn about and participate in Remembrance Day in ways they’d never considered before, with heightened meaning and relevance.

There was coverage by CBC & CTV, and front-page coverage in the Globe and Mail and it was selected to appear in the National War Museum in Ottawa.

Black screen with Remembrance Island Case scrolled across
Animated forest scene, barbed wire in the foreground with poppies scattered around
Animated image of a metal gate with door open. Women in the door holding a pick axe. Black writing scrolled underneath her.
Animated woman character looking upon a peaceful pond. White writing across the screen
Animated image of a monument with a large poppy in the middle of it. Rememberance Island scrolled across it in white font.
Animated solider with eye patch saluting in front of a field of blurred out poppies.
Animation shot of field of poppies with a solider standing in it.


2021 SIA Awards

Public Service: Experiential


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2021 Applied Arts

Design: Digital Design Gaming Shoe-String Budget Single


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PS: Advertising-Best Digital Engagement


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Community Building


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2020 The WeBBY Awards

Best Art Direction