Financial abuse occurs in 95% of domestic abuse situations. Which means that escaping an abusive relationship isn’t as simple as walking out the door – regaining control of your finances is vital if you want to break free.


HSBC UK have a platform in place, the No Fixed Address Service, to help the homeless regain their financial independence. The service was expanded to help those facing domestic abuse regain their financial independence as well, and all of the bank’s branches were turned into Safe Spaces so that people could ask for help safely, and confidentially.


We brought the power domestic abusers hold over their victims to life with an experiential billboard. The headline “When an abuser controls your finances, they control you” sits above a performer who is being controlled like a puppet by a giant, menacing hand.


HSBC UK continues to expand the ways in which it helps people who have lost control of their finances regain their financial independence. We have already received an incredible reaction with people praising and celebrating the work, shining a light on the problem including people sharing their brave and moving personal stories. Supporting victims of domestic abuse’ is the clearest possible demonstration of the HSBC brand purpose ‘Opening up a world of opportunity” and, as such, contribute to increased brand trust by showing how the bank is taking responsibility and attempting to tackle the key issues facing the UK.

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