Sherwin-Williams fields a line of exterior coatings (that’s paints to you) for commercial architects. While large metal buildings are usually painted white, gray, or charcoal, Sherwin-Williams offers 50,000 different colors – and so the company wanted to make that clear to the world’s largest gathering of architects.


Sherwin-Williams believes that it can make any color imaginable. But given the infinite complexity and power of the human mind, no one had ever captured anyone’s dreams (in color) before. Was this even possible?


Welcome to Thinking in Color – a study in human behaviour, creativity, data, science and technology. We inspired architects from all over the world to unlock the colors created in their minds.

Through a custom algorithm and wearable technology that interprets brain waves, the Wunderman Thompson team converted these waves and signals into a unique color palette specific to the mood and brain activity of the individual. This was then displayed across the event space and environment for all to see, and each participant walked away with a personalized color chip and utterly unique color palette that only they could have imagined.


Sherwin-Williams grew customers expectations for color, generating over 16 million possibilities as the experience toured across the United States.

Thinking in Color was so successful that the brand was inspired to release an entirely new Architect Series and product range of 12 unique colors never catalogued or recognized before.

Wunderman Minneapolis Sherwin Williams Thinking In Color Final Cannes 2019

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