What better opportunity for a deodorant brand than shoppable armpits?

Wunderman Thompson Argentina's social commerce campaign for Degree on Instagram turns people's armpits into the real stars. Instagram is full of people showing off their bodies, but people's armpits never make the spotlight. For a deodorant brand, that presented a unique opportunity.

Caso Armpits Cannes Original
The brief had a complex objective of inspiring people to buy deodorant through e-commerce rather than a pharmacy or supermarket and do it in a simple way.

Leandro Bertoia

Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Argentina

No big deodorant brand has a social commerce presence and Degree wanted to be the first. When it comes to having direct access to products people want, nothing is out of bounds, not even trivial deodorant.

Traditional retail outlets are dominated by many deodorant brands – leaving social commerce as a space wide open for brands to capture a leadership role. With the emergence and steady growth of social commerce, Degree saw an opportunity no other deodorant brand was taking advantage of.

"Sweat season is here" so we said let's open the new Degree stores where people need it most: their armpits. Degree was the first major US deodorant brand to open a social e-commerce store and did it in an unexpected way that demanded attention, spiked social engagement and drove massive foot traffic to this new type of e-commerce store. Degree compelled people to take notice and browse their portfolio of products by leveraging the exact place people needed the product, Degree was the first to call armpits across Instagram the official place to find Degree Deodorant.

With an amazing amount of armpit content, our shop was flooded with traffic as consumers flocked to browse Degree products, achieving +87% higher store visits than the average campaign with similar paid media investment. By the end of the campaign flight, "Shoppable Armpits" e-commerce store was visited 122,767 times – helping establish a clever and intuitive new way to buy deodorant.

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