The Shopper Innovation & Activation Awards celebrate the best new thinking in retail innovation and shopper marketing. However, as a symbol of this excellence, the awards themselves had become dated, with winners receiving a clear plastic block as recognition for their thinking. Our goal was to create a symbol worthy of the calibre of work that the show recognizes and establish the award as one of the most desirable in Canada.


To create a distinctive identity and symbol for the SIAs, we wanted to focus on the unique type of work the show recognizes – those sparks of inspiration that can happen on the shelf or in an activation.


A holistic ecosystem was developed around the theme of “Ignite Change.” First, we developed a new emblem for the show, where we truncated the name to a simple three letter monogram “SIA.” The “I” played double duty as a matchstick which has been ignited. We created a unique two-part trophy. One part consisting of a matchstick which is given to all winners (gold silver and bronze) and a second part being a sculptural “objet D’art” flame holder for the matchstick which is awarded to Gold and Grand Prix winners. With sustainability in mind, both the matchstick and the flame were sculpted out of wood. Lastly, a custom typeface was created, drawing inspiration from the ignition strips found on matchbooks.


This is the first year of the new identity and has been met with great enthusiasm inside of the organization and within the industry.

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2022 Applied Arts Advertising Annual Awards

2022 Applied Arts Advertising Annual Awards

Art Direction - Campaign