Aboriginies in a stone cave

#SOS Save Our Sentinels

Celebrating the world's last indigenous communities on United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity


  • Jimmy Nelson


  • India


Indigenous tribes are endangered in their own ancient habitats and their cultural identity is under threat.


Now is the time to acknowledge and celebrate the world’s last indigenous communities, remarkable examples of how humans can live in perfect harmony with themselves, their unique cultures and the natural world.


#SOS Save Our Sentinels is an iconography of the last indigenous tribes that celebrates their cultural identity – a powerful photographic documentary and cultural commentary on the last sentinels of our natural reserves. The film captures the work of legendary photographer Jimmy Nelson through this life-changing film, with music that elevates the narrative by delivering important lessons from the world’s Last Indigenous Tribes.

The film’s release was timed to coincide with United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity, presenting an opportunity to deepen understanding of diversity and how humans can live together in harmony. The soundtrack is a multilingual musical expression with lyrics from ancient tribal sayings and forgotten folk songs, recorded on-location from indigenous tribes featured in the film.


Numerous Indigenous communities have come forward to share their traditional knowledge. They are the wisdom keepers, who can teach humankind life lessons.

The 'Save Our Sentinels' documentary film was launched on 21 May 2020, the United Nations World Day to celebrate Cultural Diversity. The Campaign continues to celebrate the last few indigenous tribes left on earth at various UN platforms and was featured at the Immersive Exhibition at the Ateliers Des Lumiere in Paris from 15-30 October 2020. In fact the Show is Re-opening at the Ateliers Des Lumiere from 6th June onwards by popular demand.

Blink Save Our Sentinels


D&AD Awards 2021

Sound Design & Use of Music / Original Composition

Graphite Pencil

D&AD Awards 2021

Photography / Documentary

Wood Pencil