In 1975, France discovered a campaign that would mark the minds of an entire generation: ‘We all stand up for Danette’ – a dessert brand slogan familiar with French people for over 30 years. In 2017, Danette decided it was time to bring this cult saga back to life. But in the age of social, how could we connect with new generations and create a popular movement around this iconic slogan?


France is made up of a multitude of communities: footballers, nurses, gamers, cross fitters, tuning fans, chitterlings eaters, judokas, ski instructors, and many others. We are all part of communities and proud of it! So proud that we would stand up to defend its colors.


We filmed representatives from many different communities ‘getting up’ in their own way, then posted the videos to other members accompanied by more than 500 personalized messages to inspire their pride.


Within hours of the posts, dozens of participants emerged sharing #WeAllStandUpForDanette. From day one, the 'O' was a main topic of conversation for more than 10 million people.

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