As a Telecom and data plan provider, Movistar is responsible for raising awareness about the proper use of technology. The brief was to create a campaign for a problem that continues to rise: more and more distracted drivers on the road due to the use of social networks.


Texting while driving has always been an issue but with the evolution of smartphones new issues have come up-the incessant scrolling of drivers on their social media networks while on the road


This is a rare occasion on Instagram as it doesn’t happen very often. However, some may have witnessed this at some point, two continuous stories coinciding as if they are the same image. Using this insight, we created an awareness campaign for a problem that continues to rise- more and more people out there tweeting, scrolling, and even video chatting while driving.


With this campaign,which is part of a Responsible Business work, we have reached more than 26,000 people since its launch; reaching a number of 43,414 views on reels and a commitment of 1.19%

People know they shouldn’t text and drive. They know it’s unacceptable and dangerous- and yet they can’t resist despite being prohibited by the law. In fact, it’s only getting worse. FoMO or Fear of Missing Out is to blame- drivers not only use their phones to talk or text, they also use them to scroll on their social networks.

Talking about something that happens to the majority is the first way to take action for change.With Stories we seek, in a creative way, that everyone feels touched by the image and realizes that any of us can be that person

Matias Abbondio

Creative Director, WT Argentina

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