Coca-Cola wanted to join the conversation around the launch of Stranger Things' season 3.


In season 1 of Stranger Things, Coca-Cola made an iconic product placement. It took place when Eleven, one of the protagonists, crushed a Coke can using her mind powers. When season 3 was coming, we saw an opportunity to bring the icon to real life.


We created Stranger Coke, the first crushed can of Coke. It had a unique design, designed to fit real Coca-Cola on the inside. Some of the most influential teens received it and spread the news.


The Stranger Coke kits were exclusively sent to Brazil's top teen influencers and top entertainment vehicles to share this incredible, one-of-a-kind and exclusive can. Soon, it became a collector's item. In the end, we used the buzz around the launch to make it about Coke - and it worked.

Stranger Coke CC 2021 Cannes

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The One Show 2021

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