STRETCHY & delicious mozzarella cheese thumnail

STRETCHY & delicious mozzarella cheese

Streeeeeetchy! - How hot mozzarella cheese took over Japan




  • Tokyo


In Japan, mozzarella is typically enjoyed in the summer served cold, like in a caprese salad.

For many years, KRAFT’s Fresh Mozzarella team, the category’s market leader, was unsure as to how they could increase their sales during the winter and create a new wave of food culture around mozzarella.


Mozzarella becomes extremely stretchy when it is hot and melted… to the point where we were blown away. So, we decided to take advantage of food’s magical trending powers on social media and jumped on the “food-tainment” wave. We had strong confidence that the visual appeal of mozzarella’s “cheese pull” would be well received.


Through one continuous and experimental take, we wanted to capture mozzarella’s stretchiness once hot and melted… without using any montage cuts or computer graphics.

In our experiment, one piece of mozzarella cheese streeeetched up to 6m long, allowing us to create a 30 second video that took the internet by storm.


The case film and behind-the-scenes content went viral, reaching an audience of more than 5.34 million. Cheese wasn’t the only thing that streeetched!

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