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Tata Wiron Wise Little Birds

An animated film where birds remind humans about the importance of social distancing.


  • Tata Steel


  • Kolkata


Coronavirus has forced humankind to adopt new behavioral patterns. Earth's most gregarious animal has had to isolate and maintain social distance to win the battle, and every strata of society is grappling with this new way of life. The farmer community of India, still untouched by city etiquette, needs extra awareness on health norms. Since rules on humankind often feel restrictive, it was important for the rules to be appealing so that there is natural motivation.


COVID-19 communication research showed how humans were trying to combat the challenge. Wiron decided to experiment with a different plot yet remain relevant to a farmer's life and the product category, which in this case was barbed wire for farm fencing to protect fields and crops. While carefully studying farm life, the team hit upon a common farm visual, which is of birds flocking together on the fencing. This ‘social congregation’ spot for birds became our insight: if those who flock together can learn, why can't we?


Wise Little Birds was born, a script that narrates the story of birds sitting on fencing, adhering to social distancing rules and letting outliers know they should be doing the same. The objective is to ‘call out’ those who don't follow the norms and establish the fact that there’s no merit in breaking the rules – just that following them makes one wise! The film uses Russian folklore-style animation done in 2D and has been released in Hindi and English versions.


Tata Wiron is a trusted name in the market, and the film is enabling the brand to strengthen its leadership position. While the category is not witnessing any dedicated marketing campaigns around COVID-19, the brand has been able to build awareness and engage with farmers.

The video has been featured on the brand Facebook page, which has 20K followers and a WhatsApp data base.

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