In order to expand his target, Gillette decided to communicate to all Italian men, not only the clean shaved but, for the first time, also the bearded ones.

That’s why they introduced the new brand KCGillette: a complete line of products for the beard care.

Then we created 2 naming to define the categories: Bombers, for perfect clean shaved men, leaded by the Gillette ambassador and ex-football striker Bobo Vieri; and Kings, for bearded people, leaded by the world champion Daniele DeRossi.


How to convince italians to choose a style and buy Gillette or KCGillette products? In the only way we know we would ignite their passion: we transformed this 2 styles into footbal teams.


First, we pitted Bomber and Kings against each other: we started the “fight” from the IG profiles of our talents, making them tease each others around a fundamental question: “who is cooler, the man with beard or the man clean shaved?” Many other famous football players joined them spontaneously and started to play with our campaign.

That has generated a “controversy” on social media where people with beards and clean shaved ones started to tease each others, like our talents, bringing to life the communication idea: bearded men and shaved men represent two opposite worlds, two ways of thinking, two ways of being cool. During the high pitch of the campaign, taking advantage from this trend on social media, we created an amazing event: for the first time in Italy, we build a live TV show, where two teams made by very famous ex-football players played divided from beard, but united for a good cause: rise awarness to fight violence against women. In other words, we transform an advertising idea in a branded content watched in prime time on a national coverage channel.


The campaign was amplified by thousands of user generated content for both brands and #bombervsking become 1st biggest trend on Italy during the night.

The campaign reached a huge earn media coverage:

  • 34 press releases
  • 154 online press releases
  • 8 Television News
  • 2 Radio news
Gillette - The Beard's Derby: Bomber vs King

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