We've used shocking stats to great effect in previous campaigns for the NCDV, but the most shocking thing of all is that the numbers reported are grossly under-representative.


Stats show that only 18% of women and 15% of men reported their domestic abuse incidents to the police, meaning over 80% of incidents are covered up and never reported.


Clever use of media space highlights that the scale of the issue is far greater than we ever see. In a physical poster site we created a first: covering our own poster with flyposters INTENTIONALLY. We applied other relevant 'cover up' elements in other media, eg. in digital poster sites we will use some form of glitch/error to cover 80% and in instagram stories we used digital stickers to cover up over 80%. JC Decaux are supporting with nationwide poster sites. This was a proactive piece of work that had no budget.

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2022 One Show

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