While Brennans Family Pan is Ireland’s favourite sliced bread, there is less awareness about Brennans entire range; it is a bakery after all! We wanted to celebrate Brennans impeccable reputation and become famous for the practice of baking, not just the final product. While Family Pan is accepted as the best, freshest bread, the ‘better’ equity doesn’t translate across the range.


People love Brennans. It’s at the heart of every Irish home and on the table for all the big occasions. We wanted to shine a light on why Brennans is better: the passion, expertise and commitment of the Brennans Bakers. By introducing the Brennans Bakers, we showed that passion, and also introduced the different kinds of bakers who represent the variety of the range. We know that the Brennans Bakery only closes its doors once a year, and were inspired by thinking about what the bakers would talk about on their day off.


The Brennans Bakery is only closed for one day a year, and on that all the Brennans bakers get together to celebrate. Old Mister Brennan’s friend brings us into that party and introduces us to the various Brennans bakers. Even though it’s their day off, they can’t help but talk about baking. Their love, commitment and passion for their craft is why anything baked is ‘Better with Brennans’.

Brennans Bakers 30s APPROVED YT

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