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The Brother of Nora

Looking to the past to drive real change for women in Saudi Arabia.


  • Saudi Telecom Company


As the leading and only national telco in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) will drive the country’s future economy and the changes that are happening in the kingdom. With the nation polarized over the decision to allow women to drive, STC was committed to seeing this change happen and unifying the nation’s attitudes about women driving.


Over a century ago, a woman was credited by her brother – the founder of Saudi Arabia – for her achievements. Her influential role had historically played a crucial and undeniable part in driving the country forward and into the future.


The Brother of Nora project was not simply a cosmetic PR exercise, but a solution from STC to achieve real change. By creating a platform from which Saudis could honour and remember the ‘Nora’ in every woman, STC invited its 17,000 male employees to change their digital signatures to their own “Brother of ______” status and STC office location street names were renamed after key influential women. In addition, celebrities, leaders and members of the Saudi Royal Family proudly wore their sister’s name to celebrate their unquestionable influence and role.


STC’s commitment helped galvanise the nation behind every woman, and as a result STC grew to become the No. 1 preferred telco brand for Saudi women. STC’s brand metrics and top of mind awareness also increased.

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