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The Envied

We’ve got EE, everyone else #networkenvy


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EE’s customers are a collective of individuals that form part of a greater community – the UK’s no.1 network. Over the past 7 years they’ve enjoyed the number one status and recently basked in the telecom brand’s 5G capabilities.

To support EE's new brand campaign positioning themselves as the UK’s no.1 network and therefore the nation's most enviable one, we were tasked with strengthening and reinforcing their position with its customers base.


The insight was that our customers have an experience so powerful that everyone else envies them. So we thought why not celebrate them, with one of them?

We got one of our customers to speak directly to the base through the power of poetry. “The Envied” isn’t a brand telling the customer how great they are, it’s a customer to customer piece, a celebration of the strong, confident feelings that comes from being envied on EE.


We turned to long term EE customer and spoken word poet Hussain Manawer. His spoken word poetry was a real insight into being ‘Envied’ on the UK’s no.1 network. And with his brutal honesty, it stood out from the already crowded mobile network category.


In Q2 The Network Envy Customer campaign reached 5.4m people with 35m impressions, 1.6m social views and 26k click throughs. All at a healthy CPM of £2.12. This is 18% more efficient than the Unlimited campaign benchmark we are currently using for the Network Campaign reports.

Overall View Through Rate was 57% higher than the average VTR we are currently seeing on the Brand Network Campaign, showing that the creative has been well received by Facebook users, with both creatives seeing similar VTRs.

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