Domestic abuse has increased dramatically during the pandemic. The impact of lockdowns, isolation and social distancing have created environments for domestic abuse to thrive – with many victims hidden behind face masks required by Covid-19 guidelines.


Our campaign would spotlight the impact on the number of women who have experienced domestic abuse daily in Ireland. Many are largely unaware of its scale, as it often goes unnoticed. Signs of coercive control could be right in front of us and we might not realise it – especially when the emotional and physical toll is hidden behind a mask. This situation calls for everyone to be vigilant and to recognize the urgent signs for help.


Using an image of a face mask, we morphed it with a hand to show how abused victims have been silenced this year – a powerful visual that allows readers to comprehend the impact of the pandemic.


This compelling print and digital campaign has made a significant impact on the people of Ireland and is keeping more victims safe.

Hidden Pandemic Womens Aid print add showing womans face with mask

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