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The man who couldn’t handle his handle

A case of mistaken identity became a docutainment hit


  • Saudi Telecom Company


  • Saudi Arabia


In 2009, Chris Rowland, an American citizen, joined Twitter using his nickname ‘Saint Chris’ – or @stc. This led to an amazing case of mistaken identity and having thousands of customers follow him thinking he was the Saudi Telcom Company.


Chris held on to his username, with daily mentions from frustrated @stc users. We realized that there was a lot of humorous interaction and engagement on Twitter with Chris over the years – and that we should do something about it.


Instead of announcing the news with a traditional post, we created a compelling film narrating Chris’s side of the story that took our message viral. The film featured testimonials from the people in his life that also shared his story from the moment it began till the moment he decided to let of the Twitter handle.


In a few hours, the film was watched by millions of Saudis on Twitter and shared heavily on social media, making it the most successful film STC has ever released. Most importantly, we were able to quickly spread the message that @stc now belongs to the Saudi Telecom Company – increasing our following exponentially.

Stc The Film


2020 Dubai Lynx Awards

Entertainment: Fiction & Non-Fiction Films up to 5 minutes

Grand Prix