In Bangladesh women face a unique problem. As their life goes by, they lose something that is dear to them. Their name, their sense of self. They become somebody's mother, somebody's wife, somebody's daughter. The various roles they play take over their own inherent existence, without them even realizing it.

How could Warah, a popular fashion label in Bangladesh, that believes in empowering women through its clothes, help these women own their name, their birth right?


The traditional Tangail Sari is proudly won by the women of Bangladesh. Handcrafter by weavers, the sari is a symbol of the country’s culture and patriotism.

Warah took this erstwhile sari and with the help of the weavers created a story for the women who wore them. Each Sari carried its wearer’s name reminding women of their true self. The recreated sari stood for a woman’s birth name, her birth right.


The saris were received with curiosity as well as awe. Women who wore them slowly began to experience change. For the first time ever, their families started referring to them by their name. There was a sense of increased self-awareness and pride in the women. The activation kickstarted a conversation that is slowly becoming a movement in Bangladesh.

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