Nescafé Dolce Gusto needed to sustain market share during a time of lockdowns and economic recession when pay cuts were leading to downgrades in purchases.


Locally, Coffee corners are proudly displayed in homes to express personalities, but coffee machine brands lack personal connections to their consumers. But if coffee corners are perceived as a lifestyle statement to consumers – why not tap into that?

To be relevant during Covid we had to go beyond just showing coffee corners. We had to speak with our audience on a personal level.


We used personas and relatable content to shift Nescafé Dolce Gusto communication from a product centric to a human one.By using data to identify and narrow our audience, we were able to create lifestyle-specific content that was relatable to the audience who shared the same interests and passions. And through a focused approach, we could associate the brand to those who mattered the most.


The brand sustained its market share leading position with 61% in KSA and 73.5%in UAE for Machines.

The new coffee corners

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