Prepare a Christmas present for every client of the agency that symbolizes how much we value our partnership.


Giving a piece of the agency to every partner as a gift for Christmas is the ultimate way to show our appreciation. And our agency has the ultimate piece to give: the value symbol +


In a year that was marked by the rise of the metaverse and NFTs, the format was a no-brainer. We had to mint our gift on the blockchain. In order to do so, the visual force of the agency created one of the first NFT collections in Bulgaria, unique artwork pieces, each one inspired by the business of our partner it was intended as a gift for.

We called them NFWTs - Non-fungible WunderTokens.


The NFWT became the most successful Christmas initiative we've launched by far, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback by partners and collaborators alike. We established expertise and knowledge on a subject that other networks and agencies in Bulgaria are yet to explore.

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