The World Cup 2022 was the main global sporting event of the year. However if you're not an official sponsor, it is forbidden by the FIFA to use the event in any of the communication. Moreover our main competitor was an official sponsor of the event.


To launch an activation and a campaign prior and during the World Cup to engage with the fans and the general audience all without breaking the rules of the FIFA.


The objective was to engage with the fans, grow the sales and most importantly own the World Cup event to counter the advantage of our main competitor that was an official sponsor.


We created the Fan Academy; The first virtual academy to train fans to become the best supporters in the world and enjoy the world cup in the most fun, extravagant, memorable and responsible way. Bringing on board the best four fan coaches from around the world.

More than 20 courses and 200 minutes of training were created to cover all possible relevant topics accompanied by a fully integrated campaign that was launched simultaneously to encourage people to enroll in the academy and turn their Fan mode on. All without using any of the terms and narrative that were restricted by the FIFA.

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