Paper is the 3rd largest polluter of air, water and soil in the world. Kuwait is also one of the world ‘s least green countries from an environmentally point of view, and also due to its climate and lack of rainfall. Each year Zain, Kuwait’s leading telco print and distribute 20.000 calendars. So how could we combat CO2 and other pollution, instead of contributing to it? All while making Kuwait greener?


We looked at nature and plants to get inspired.


This 2021 calendar uses ecological seed paper. So once a month is finished, you can plant it. However, what really makes it unique, is that each month’s sheet, grows to look like one of the designs of Zain’s iconic brand patterns. Bringing them to life in a whole new dimension: The living dimension. The world’s first living brand elements!


Tons of recycled paper was turned into plants combating and absorbing CO2 emissons.

WT Kuwait ZAIN The Plantable Calendar Case Study 1080

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