For parents, basic things can become a source of danger. Heating a baby bottle is one of those things, with hot liquids the leading cause of burns among 0-4 years old. Especially when parents on-the-go, where their usual ‘safe’ ways of testing how hot the milk is aren’t available. This is why NUK created a temperature control baby bottle that warns parents when milk is too hot, protecting their babies from being burnt. The brief was to promote this product through a campaign that could explain in the clearest possible way the benefits of owning this specific baby-bottle.


Our target audience was newborn parents just having their first baby, also known as ‘primipara’, and for whom keeping their baby safe can be a source of stress. Instead of trying to reach them with a classical campaign, we decided to reproduce NUK’s innovation to let them experience product-demos on multiple touchpoints. We wanted to prove them that NUK’s priority was all babies and not only their client’s ones – which is a powerful proof of the brand’s strong engagement, but also that NUK’s products were the best for them and for their babies.


To promote a “temperature-controlled” product, we decided to create a “temperature-controlled” campaign through the Safety Squad, a cast of paper guinea pigs embedded into different printed formats available in public spaces for parents on-the-go, to test their milk before feeding their babies. Prints embarked a thermosensitive ink that was reacting depending on the temperature of the liquid poured over it. After heating the bottle, parents just had to pour a drop of milk into the mouth of a squad member. If the milk was too hot, a warning message was displayed on the paper, preventing them from harming their newborns.


As soon as we launched it, we noticed a strong increase of parent’s interest for this product: +20% requests on search engines; +25% visitors on product page; +174% time spent on product page. We noticed a stronger engagement on digital: +10% followers on Nuk social account; +139% interactions on social media. We had a strong coverage in France and even made it abroad towards 9 countries: +76M media impressions. The 10K first copies of our formats were out of stock in 5 days. We also rose parents’ consciousness about risks with hot liquids and provided them with a concrete solution.

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