Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women in India, and accounts for over 25% of all cancers in women globally. Early detection can increase the survival rate drastically, but unfortunately in India women face inhibitions when it comes to their bodies, particularly their breasts. Something about touching their breasts makes them feel uncomfortable and awkward, which makes early detection of the disease difficult.


Research revealed that a staggering 75% of Indian women shy away from self-examination.


Working with Lux, we did something more fundamental than traditional messaging – we transformed the product. For the first time the iconic Lux bar of soap was redesigned, incorporating a subtle but visible lump. ‘The Soap with a Lump’ is a purposeful product innovation, its tactility acting as a trigger to remind women to examine their breasts when bathing and showering, alone and uninhibited.


'The Soap with a Lump' was launched in collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society (ICS) and distributed to women through its screening camps in Maharashtra.

Within just 24 hours from launch it earned over 86,000 impressions and reached 9.4 million people on social media. More significantly the ICS helpline experienced a significant growth in inquiries of almost 30% in a campaign about breast health for women. The campaign is now being extended across India, distributed through awareness camps in leading hospitals and through ICS community programs.

This work shows how soap that keeps you clean and beautiful can also help save your life.

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2020 D&AD Impact

2020 D&AD Impact


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2019 Great Lifestyle Brands Awards

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2019 WPPed Cream Awards

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