On average, an adult spends approximately 132 hours a year looking at mind-numbing menus online before deciding what to eat, frequently resulting in the wrong call. Psychologists refer to it as “choice overload”.

How could HungerStation, the foremost and leading food delivery app in Saudi Arabia, help people in making the right choice?


According to a recent study, the conscious mind can only process 40 bits of information per second, while the subconscious mind can process information up to 500,000 times faster. What if we can help people better connect with their subconscious mind and help them find the answers they're seeking?


Introducing the Subconscious Order - a new feature on the HungerStation app that recognizes when a person has been hopelessly scrolling and launches an innovative tool to help them decide what they really crave. As a variety of delicious cuisines are displayed, a front-facing camera meticulously tracks the eye’s interest using advanced algorithms, and then smart AI narrows down the options and presents a data report of what the subconscious mind is craving, providing the user with a list of relevant HungerStation restaurants to order from.


In the first 2 weeks, the campaign achieved 2.5M impressions, 630K portal visits and generated 78K new customers, or 6K new customers per day.

HS The Subconscious Order Case Study

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