Atletico Mineiro, one of Brazil’s biggest football clubs, were about to conquer the national league after a dry spell of 50 years. More than that, they would do it a couple of rounds early. But the Brazilian Football Confederation only hands out the trophy after the final round. So, after 50 years, they'd be relegated to celebrating with no trophy.


Tramontina, Brazil's biggest barbecue utensils brand, saw an opportunity, noticing that one of their grills kind of looks like a trophy. So we gave it a little twist and gifted the players with one during their celebration, substituting the official trophy.


Atlético Mineiro, the Brazilian Champion, raised their Tramontina barbecue grill as a trophy – a crazy and unique idea that quickly spread on social media! The Trophy Grill then became the hero of other tournaments and was then developed as a real product.


Tramontina’s sales increased 289% and the brand reached a record engagement: In a sport where you usually need millions of dollars to sponsor any club, with only a fraction of that ($100K) we guaranteed something that even sponsors with far more investment couldn’t – a space next to the championship team.

TRAM Case Churrasco Cópia5 copy

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