Theraflu’s brand mission is rooted in fighting for a flu safe world. But we can’t achieve that if people continue to go to work sick.


Theraflu created a $150,000 microgrant program in partnership with Good+Foundation to help cover lost wages from 1,000 unpaid sick days this cold and flu season. The Rest & Recover Fund provides relief for those facing access barriers to sick time and raises awareness of the cultural stigma associated with taking a sick day.


To illustrate sick time inequities, we created a short film featuring an Emmy Award-winning poet and activist, who wrote and performed a poem, titled Some Heroes – an ode to hardworking Americans everywhere who struggle with access to rest.

This campaign launches an ongoing purpose driven effort by Theraflu to help create a flu safe world for all Americans. At the core, this means helping to ensure more Americans can access the rest and recovery time they need to get better and prevent the spread of cold and flu.

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