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Shell Helix Ultra Cup

How we reminded rival soccer fans about what unites them


  • Shell


  • Johannesburg


This sponsorship of the once-a-year soccer match leverages the massive popularity of football in South Africa. Fans of the two of the country’s leading teams live, eat, sleep and breathe their passion, and can remember a win or loss for years to come. Our challenge was to raise fan engagement and create a strong brand association leveraging the sponsorship of a soccer event that has 1% of the marketing budget of other football events in the country.


Our departure point was to leverage the proposition that just as Shell understands South Africa’s passion for cars and driving, the brand also understands the passion for soccer, and that ultimately, though there can only be one winner on the day, what we have in common is stronger than any other force and unites us…as one…the real win is to be ‘one’ and recognise what we share in common.


We created 2 TV ads, one for each team, highlighting the similarities in their passion as fans. The ads weren’t just team ads, they translated into ads for each city the teams come from. We left it to the fans to decide which advertising assets should flight more frequently in the run-up to the big day…thus taking soccer fan rivalry to a whole new level. We also partnered with established soccer journalists to create editorial online content that would play a crucial role in the call to action to fans to vote to see more assets ‘punting’ their team.


The campaign was a first, so while we can’t make comparisons with previous performance, we have established a benchmark for the way forward. The #ShellHelixUltraCup trended in position 1 on Twitter in South Africa on the day of the match, we garnered 1m+ views on YouTube, way above previous client campaigns, and the overall video view-through rate was an amazing average of 40+%. Nearly 400000 fans engaged with the campaign content.

Shell Helix Ultra Cup Case Study
Mamelodi Sundowns Shell Helix Ultra Cup

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