Contributing to diversity and female empowerment is part of Avon’s DNA – but brand studies and listening to voices for change have revealed that more can be done.


Avon has made a commitment to repair historical injustices with important internal goals, starting with hiring 50% of Black people for entry positions (internship and trainee) in 2021 and 30% of Black women in leadership positions by 2030.


Avon stepped up its fight against racism with ‘This Is My Color’ – a campaign concept and study with the goal of understanding the diversity of black skin hues and tones in Brazil.

The creation of the palette was a collaborative work between makeup artist Daniele da Mata, one of the leading experts in Black skin in Brazil, and the American scientist Candice DeLeo Novack, Head of Eye and Face Product Development and Technical Product Design at Avon, who synthesized in a single palette the widest range possible of hues and tones of Black skin in Brazil, giving authenticity to each product.


Since its launch, the campaign has become a reference for diversity for both our clients and the advertising market at large and is inspiring change.

2021 0423 Case This Is My Color Cannes Copia 15h
Avon Black Skin 60 Seg Leg IN V3

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