HellyHansen wants to promote their winter sales, while Goldau aimed to attract visitors even in the winter time. Wunderman Thompson combined the two challenges for a joint campaign.


Bears are the only animals that don’t shit during hibernation. Therefore, the first bear shit indicates the end of winter season. This biological clock serves as the springboard for the campaign. The campaign lead people to a microsite, where the contestant could guess when the bear “Evi” would wake up and have her first poo. The person who guessed the date correctly would win a great prize. The weight of the excrement would determine the sale discount. 420 grams meant that customers would receive a 42% discount.


Helly Hansen increased their sales by 48% compared to the last winter sale. The Nature Park Goldau welcomed three times more visitors than usual at this time of the year. More than 5’000 participated in the competition and more than 20’000 people visited the microsite in the first two weeks of the promotion. This is a fantastic result for such a small country like Switzerland.

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