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Till we rise again

How the recent lockdown inspired hope and creativity…




  • Athens


Almost no nation, no country or city, has been spared as the COVID-19 outbreak has swept around the world. During this unpresented event people looked for support, comfort and hope to endure it. This was the real challenge for all brands to show they are present and relevant to people’s sentiments.


The phrase "no man is an island" was now more relevant than ever. During the lockdown, no one was truly self-sufficient, everyone had to rely on the company and comfort of their families in order to survive. Zagori brand message “there is Goodness inside” was now even more meaningful. The goodness expressed by taking care and supporting each other, while we realized how important are the moments with our families, how much we missed friends or even more the elderly members of our families. All the things we used to take for granted.


We dressed up a beloved song with simple everyday moments. Moments of the life we lived during the lockdown, staying at home. A song reminding how important it is to reach out, to hold each other’s hand to rise again. And this was the actual message - to take care of our loved ones, to cherish the simple moments, believing that this shall too pass, as long as we have each other. Believing in the strength of goodness and hoping for better days to come.


In just only one month from airing the campaign, millions of people connected with the message with lots of positive comments in SoMe from those who viewed the campaign in TV and Digital channels and making headlines in the industry’s press.

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