Increase brand awareness and rejuvenate its target to boost sales during the summer period. But also promote the values and French know-how of the brand, and the natural ingredients of the product.


How could we prove that Lorina lemonades are pure French crafted products? We had the idea to position Lorina as the lemonade that has been making French people sparkle since 1895 by showing the country's rich diversity of landscapes, culture and population.


In a simple and unconventional way, we have chosen to pay tribute to this France, the one that sparkles, through the most emblematic French symbol: the Marseillaise.

This latter is played with the characteristic "pop" of a bottle of Lorina. With each note we hear, we cut to a different scene to discover a new aspect of our sparkling country.

In each scene, the bottle always remains in the center of the image whether it is placed on top of a table, on the grass or in someone's hand.

This film, made in animation, manages to break free from the traditional codes used in TV.


This campaign celebrates the French art of living and shows how Lorina gives rhythm to the daily life of French people.

LOR21 001 Lorina edit tv

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