At a time when life is full of pressure, people tend forget about the foundation of love and marriage. How could PNJ, the leading jewelry brand in Vietnam, remind people about true love and make their wedding collection ‘Hanh Phuc Vang’ top-of-mind, driving awareness, consideration and purchase?


We explored what weddings and marriage really mean to young people and couples in the modern world. Our research revealed that people have high expectations and a long-list of criteria to create a perfect wedding, but often they forget about the underlying meaning of marriage – true love.


With these insights, we created a viral music video featuring five real-life couples each paired with a popular song. The experiences of the couples varied in personality, appearance and life situation. The video also featured a same-sex couple, making it the first campaign mentioning the LGBT community in Vietnam.


Within 24 hours of its posting, the music video on the PNJ Facebook page achieved over 1,000 shares without any KOLs or other paid media. The hashtags #PNJ and #HanhPhucVang were mentioned in most all of the video shares and the online community showed positive reaction and support for the campaign’s message.

PNJ True Love Video

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