Argentina is suffering from a lack of US Dollars due to an economic crisis, and the government took an extreme decision: to set different dollar exchange rates depending on the economic activity carried out, reaching up to 15 different exchange rates per dollar.

Dollar tuenti Case Cannes 2023
By joining a conversation that interests every Argentinian, we also found an original way to continue communicating a hard (and perhaps boring) but the differential attribute of the brand: its price.

Pedro Botello

Creative Director, WT

As every crisis entails an opportunity, we decided to create our own type of exchange in which consumers receive anything but benefits. No fine print, no inflationary adjustments, no lies, no more concerns related to money for an extended period of time.

Taking advantage of the fact that due to the lack of dollars, the Argentine government was forced to set different exchange rates according to the activity to be carried out, creating more than 15 different exchange rates, Tuenti created what no other Telco had ever done before: its own US dollar exchange rate. From this was born Dollar Tuenti: a real-time promotion that attracted new customers by transforming a service offer into a store of value with a fixed price for six months.

In a country where the Dollar had more than 15 exchange rates, we did what any brand would dream of doing: we created a new US dollar exchange rate with our name and value. From that moment on, 1 Dollar Tuenti = 300 Argentinian Pesos.

The campaign became Tuenti's most talked-about campaign to date, increasing brand interactions by over 330% and becoming the #1 trending topic on Twitter in Argentina during the launch period. Dollar Tuenti became one of the most covered exchange rates in the market, causing 8 out of 10 Tuenti customers to choose to save their money in Dollar Tuenti. Additionally, to this day, social media posts can be found where Dollar Tuenti is used as the main currency to trade clothing, tickets, or credits on gaming platforms.

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