To launch a new baby brand and create impact in a mature market is not easy, particularly when Vietnamese mothers prefer well established brands with proven heritage


To disrupt the market with a superior proposition, social listening helped identify the major concerns of mothers. The data indicated a lack of scientific understanding and a lot of incorrect methods for baby care – which revealed our key insight that Vietnamese mothers did not know that a baby’s skin needs 12 months to fully develop


To show how much Babi Mild knows and cares about baby skin health, we provided a special book that allowed mothers to touch and feel the fragile skin of newborn babies. This physical book featured pages representing the exact thinness of a baby’s skin from birth to age one. The tagline for the campaign was ‘Paper Thin, Baby Skin.’


By the end of the campaign, high levels of engagement across all channels was achieved.

Babi Mild Paper Thin Video

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