Smarties’ new brand platform, “Unbox imagination,” is the much-loved brand’s first major campaign in 10 years, created to celebrate play and the huge contribution it makes to everything that is most fun about childhood.


Nestlé-owned Smarties and Wunderman Thompson together encourage every child to release their own imagination and discover the multi-coloured fun they can have with it, opening up a whole new playful world with every box of Smarties.

The “Unbox imagination” campaign brings to life the imaginative lift that the rattle, colour and crunch of a box of Smarties – now sold in paper packaging – can spark in a child’s playful world.


A hero TVC shows a young girl’s imagination springing to life as her mother shakes, shares, and sets down a tube of Smarties as a treat. Playful characters spring to life as the girl and her brother explore the make-believe world that opens up, starting with the transformation of the colourful tube into a squirrel’s waistcoat. Their new-found friend goes on to lights up his treetop village with paper lanterns in every shade of Smartie.

The campaign takes kids away from distracting screens and busy schedules by creating a hand-crafted, tactile setting that brings real world elements together with playful puppet characters.

A team of designers built the village in the treetops and strung the mini lanterns between the branches, while expert puppeteers created a squirrel for the film instead of using CGI, bringing real life play and imagination to the shoot.


The campaign is live across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and will appeared on TV, digital channels, social media, trade support and point of sale.

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