The market was inundated with messages from competitors claiming to have the widest network, impacting STC’s brand equity, with the perception of network strength dropping.


In exploring the realities of network coverage, we were reminded how vast, rich in culture and largely undiscovered the Saudi Kingdom is – with much of it unknown even to Saudis themselves. This gave us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how strong our network actually was even in the remotest areas of Saudi.


Build a platform with a team of local photographers and leading influencers, capturing scenes that were never shot before and broadcasting them live using the network, we then collaborated with the Ministry of Education to create an immersive VR experience in schools and universities to empower students.


Unveil Saudi became an ecosystem, unveiling a whole culture, its history, food, traditions across a multitude of channels. Beyond showcasing how far STC’s network can reach, we were demonstrating how deep it can go.From a solution to a business problem, Unveil Saudi has grown to become a brand on its own, a modern-day ambassador of Saudi Arabia and an unprecedented demonstration of network strength.

STC Unveil Saudi Main

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