Wunderman Thompson was engaged to build on the More Than framework to create a distinctive and energising persona for Canberra.

There are long-held misconceptions about our capital city that have hindered people thinking of Canberra as a destination. Instead, it is seen as a ‘pass-through’ city or a place you visit only once.

VisitCanberra is part of an incredibly successful yet competitive domestic tourism landscape where bigger is often seen as better. In most cases, the formula is a mix of sweeping landscapes, romantic sunsets and happy couples. We needed a different creative direction to cut through the noise and create positive perceptions for Canberra.


It’s the hidden and unexpected parts of a city that connect with us most; and keep us coming back to discover more. You won’t find it in the guidebooks or tripadvisor reviews. Your travel agent can’t tell you. You can only know it when you’ve experienced a city like a local.

We want to create a personality for the city by focusing on the warmth, humour and quirkiness of real-life Canberrans through whom we tell the story of the destination.

Isaac Mizrachi

Marketing Director, Marketing at VisitCanberra

The Idea

There’s more than they’re telling us’ created an entire new personality for Canberra, through some idiosyncratic local attractions. The campaign sheds light on the many lesser-known gems of Canberra while showcasing the charm and warmth of the people that shape the city, the tourism operators and local advocates.

Canberra 30 GOST
Canberra 30 Pialligo Truffles

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