As a nation, we thrive on being together and our basic need for human connection is more important now than ever before. At a time when we have never been more physically disconnected, Vodafone Ireland wanted to show how we can remain connected using their network.


From playing games, home schooling, practicing our sports skills, to chatting to our parents and grandparents, technology through the Vodafone network allows us to stay together even though we’re staying apart. This ‘new normal’ forces us to embrace a new way of living to meet and fulfil our need to stay connected.


The creation of this campaign saw Vodafone Ireland adopt an innovative approach to overcome the challenges associated with the COVID 19 pandemic. Along with Vodafone we reached out to the Irish Creative Community, which includes Ireland’s top producers, directors, directors of photography, to come together and shoot individual shots, reflective of their own experiences at home while in lockdown and adhering to the COVID 19 restrictions. This creativity was allowed to take place through the power of Vodafone Ireland’s strong network right across the country.


Vodafone needed to maintain a reassuring voice during COVID 19. Being an essential service, now more than ever, they needed to instil trust and confidence in their customers.

Folk Wunderman Thompson WORK Vodafone Togetherness final

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