Within a saturated TV market dominated by two very large competitors Vodafone needed to launch a first in market new service. In this context we needed to create instant cut through, awareness and a strong call to action to activate the service on-line, while at the same time explaining the ease and benefits of the service centred around premium and exclusive HBO content without any contract commitment.


In this case, the inspiration was the power of the product itself – namely instantly available and almost limitless entertainment! With series and movies being a favorite pastime for most of our audience, especially during lockdown, to create the cut through and attention needed in this cluttered environment we realized our communication needed to be pure entertainment as well! Hence the idea was born to create an add that mimicked a movie or series


A police movie/series as an ad: We created a whole campaign that appeared to be like a movie or an episode of a series rather than an advert. With two detectives as protagonists and a cinematic atmosphere, a perfect stage was set for our message ““When you want action, you want it now”. The “movie” like approach also gave us a unique opportunity for storytelling, allowing us to easily communicate the “right here and now” exclusive HBO content in a fluid/natural way as well as the rich TV screen experience that Vodafone TV offers.

VF TV 63sec HD ENG SUBS 002

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