Over the last 40 years, humans have damaged the environment to the extent that thousands of species are on the brink of extinction, putting our ecosystem and existence at risk. Alaska Mountain, an outdoor clothing brand created to bring people closer to nature, sought an impactful way to raise awareness of human responsibility.


Alaska Mountain is brand built around nature, fun, and peaceful surroundings, its product designs inspired by beautiful landscapes, travel, extreme sports, adventure races, mountains, snow, trekking and rivers.

But humans are a threat to this serenity. The intentional fires set in places like Argentina, Brazil, California and Australia destroy the delicate balance of nature. In 2020, almost 2 million hectares burned, destroying native forests and wildlife – but there’s still time to take actions that will save the planet.


While humans may be putting the planet in danger, we are also the best solution to fix it – the key message in our campaign. As we go about our daily lives, we must take responsibility for global warming and the damage we’ve caused to the environment.

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