Like Canada, HSBC Bank takes pride in their diversity and global perspective. Opening their doors to many different nationalities and cultures, Canada is regarded as one of the most diverse countries in the world.

With a smaller presence in the industry, the challenge was to get HSBC to stand out in a creative way and demonstrate their alikeness to the inclusive Canadian mindset.


Every year, Canada welcomes tens of thousands of newcomers – but moving to a new country isn’t always easy. As a global bank with branches in 60 countries around the world, HSBC decided it could do something to help make the transition into Canada more welcoming.


To put HSBC on the map, we created a symbol of the welcoming Canadian spirit and rolled out the world’s largest welcome mat to greet travellers on their descent into their new home.

To build the World’s Largest Welcome Mat, we needed 800 man-hours and 100 rolls of industrial coir geotextile. Coir is a biodegradable material that leaves zero environmental impact. It’s also the same material used to make actual welcome mats. At 85,000 square feet, the HSBC Welcome Mat was almost the size of two football fields.


The non-traditional OOH execution generated 11 million impressions, of which 80% were earned with $0 client investment.

Canada WORK Welcome Mat video

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